20 February 2015

Progress Tree

English #data-viz

It is my final assignment project for data visualization course that I take in my master. I made it with my project partner Mahesh Nayak. We think of an alternative visualization of progress bar.

Instead of bland, well, bar, we believe that it would be nicer if progress is visualized with something that has emotion. Inspired by a dull, lifeless tree in the winter, we make an metaphor of progress by a growing leaves in a tree at spring season. We hope that the visual metaphor will add emotional feeling to the user and help projects such as fund solicitation or petition campaign. Every contribution to the campaign will be honored as one leaf that grows in the tree.

It is still not perfect as there are many shortcoming in the design, but is functional. You can view the code on github or on gist.

Below is the demo of the tree. You can also view on new window here


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