01 February 2018

Hello World!


A hello world kind of post that is not placed in the start of a blog website might look weird. But, I have been wanting to revive my dormant blog and start writing again. My last blog post is written in 2013 so I guess this post is completely justified.

Actually blogging is way outside my comfort zone. I am a person that keep everything, thoughts, ideas, feelings, to himself. This led to a huge collection Evernote notes, where I write a lot of stuffs there. So why do I bother to write here?

First of all, I benefit a lot from people that shares in their blog. If I type “tutorial on an awesome project” on the google search bar and come across a nice tutorial blog, I would be grateful. I hope by sharing, I might help someone too. I am in process of building a habit to write stuffs like snippets or step-on-doing-something on Evernote. I figure, why don't I share that in my blog, instead of just hanging on my Evernote notebook, that only me can see (well technically Evernote looks into your notebook, see here).

As for another reason, I am also motivated by the writing of Rachel Thomas of Fast.ai, about the importance of blogging. The blog, which is titled Why you (yes, you) should blog, underlines several benefit of blogging

  • it acts like a resume
  • it helps us learn
  • it leads to invitations to talks, conferences, etc.
  • it connects you with others
  • it saves your time when someone asks you about certain topics

I wholeheartedly agree with the part that the reason why blogging is hard is not that I don't anything to share, but it is the confidence that is absent. This is especially true for me. She suggests to start small with the posts. It doesn't have to be a breakthrough writing. It could be some snippets that help me a week ago.

Based on the spirit of sharing and the benefit of blogging, hopefully I will start writing more here. I don't have any structure to begin. Probably I will just write, write, and write and the categories should surface by themselves. Maybe most of the time I will write small stuffs like snippets. Hopefully I have the courage to blog something about project. The list of project ideas are huge in my Evernote. It is just a matter of courage (and time) to actually do the projects and write them here.

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