14 April 2018

SpaCy Bahasa Indonesia

SpaCy merupakan library NLP yang sangat powerful. Buat yang belum tahu, sebagian fungsi NLP bahasa Indonesia sudah didukung oleh SpaCy.

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01 February 2018

Hello World!

A hello world kind of post that is not placed in the start of a blog website might look weird. But, I have been wanting to revive my dormant blog and start writing again. My last blog post is written in 2013 so I guess this post is completely justified.

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20 February 2015

Progress Tree

It is my final assignment project for data visualization course that I take in my master. I made it with my project partner Mahesh Nayak. We think of an alternative visualization of progress bar.

Instead of bland, well, bar, we believe that it would be nicer if progress is visualized …

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